Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-06-13

Common Themes Surprising Points Mastering FAB in Education Marketing: Transforming Features into Student Success Stories Higher Education Marketing https://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/mastering-fab-in-education-marketing-transforming-features-into-student-success-stories Synopsis: Unique or Noteworthy Positions: Summary and Takeaways: The Best Content Marketing Strategies for Higher Education moderncampus.com https://moderncampus.com/blog/content-marketing-for-higher-education.html Synopsis: This article provides insights into the importance of content marketing for higher education institutions. The author highlights … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup 2024-06-06

Common themes: Surprising points: Designing a High-Converting Admissions Funnel from Prospect to Student Higher Education Marketing https://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/mastering-the-art-of-enrollment-designing-a-high-converting-admissions-funnel-from-prospect-to-student Summary: This article explores the process of designing an admissions funnel that converts prospects into students in higher education institutions. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the student journey and implementing effective strategies at each stage of the … Read more