Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-07-18

Common themes: Surprising points: Your Marketing Team Knows AI is the New Jackpot. What Hinders Its Growth: University Business UPCEA https://upcea.edu/your-marketing-team-knows-ai-is-the-new-jackpot-what-hinders-its-growth-university-business Synopsis: Background resources: Unique/noteworthy positions by the author: Summary and takeaways: Mastering University Alumni Email Marketing Strategies Higher Education Marketing https://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/mastering-university-alumni-email-marketing-strategies Takeaways: The Prospective Student Journey: Marketing Optimizations for Schools of All Sizes – … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-07-04

Common Themes: Surprising Points: How to Effectively Market a Higher Ed Institution on a Tight Budget During Inflation publish.cascadecms.com https://publish.cascadecms.com/web/hhsite/blog/2024/how-to-effectively-market-a-higher-ed-institution-on-a-tight-budget-during-inflation.html Synopsis: Background Resources: Noteworthy Positions: Summary and Takeaways: Finding a Higher Ed Marketing Agency: What You Need to Know EducationDynamics https://www.educationdynamics.com/finding-higher-ed-marketing-agency Synopsis: Summary & Takeaways: Finding the right marketing agency for higher education institutions requires … Read more