Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup 2024-05-09

Common Themes: Surprising Points: Targeting Gen Z: A Marketing Guide For Higher Ed unincorporated https://blog.unincorporated.com/targeting-gen-z-marketing-guide-higher-ed Synopsis: Key Takeaways: Unique School Newsletter Ideas for Enhancing K-12 School Engagement Higher Education Marketing https://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/unique-school-newsletter-ideas-for-enhancing-k-12-school-engagement How AI is Impacting SEO for Schools — Little Foxes Marketing | Digital Marketing for Education Little Foxes Marketing https://www.littlefoxesmarketing.com/blog/the-current-state-of-ai-and-seo-for-schools Synopsis: Noteworthy positions taken … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-05-02

Common Themes: Surprising Points: How Topic Clusters Improve Your SEO and Content Strategy | Carnegie—Higher Ed Carnegie—Higher Ed https://www.carnegiehighered.com/blog/seo-topic-clusters Synopsis: Background Resources: Unique or Noteworthy Positions: Summary with Takeaways: DeepMind researchers discover impressive learning capabilities in long-context LLMs – Ben Dickson, Venture Beat continuingedupdate.blogspot.com https://continuingedupdate.blogspot.com/2024/05/deepmind-researchers-discover.html Synopsis: Background Resources: Noteworthy Positions: Summary with Takeaways: Higher Ed … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-04-25

Common Themes Surprising Points Best Practices For Ads Targeting K-12 Students’ Parents Higher Education Marketing https://www.higher-education-marketing.com/blog/best-practices-for-ads-targeting-k-12-students-parents Synopsis: Key Takeaways: Webinar: Stop Wasting Budget – How to Get Better Digital Ad Results and Increase Satisfaction Search Influence https://www.searchinfluence.com/blog/search-influence-and-upcea-to-present-higher-education-marketing-webinar-stop-wasting-budget-how-to-get-better-digital-ad-results-and-increase-satisfaction Synopsis: Background Resources: No background resources are cited. Noteworthy Positions: The author does not present any unique or … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-04-18

Some interesting themes in this week’s crop of Higher Education Marketing Blogs. The common themes across the article summaries are as follows: Tackle the three biggest challenges to your nursing program’s enrollment growth | EAB EAB https://eab.com/resources/blog/adult-education-blog/biggest-challenges-nursing-programs-enrollment-growth/ Synopsis: In this article, the author discusses the major challenges that nursing programs face when it comes to … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-04-11

Common Themes Surprising Points Measuring SEO Performance 101: Metrics | Carnegie—Higher Ed Carnegie—Higher Ed https://www.carnegiehighered.com/blog/measuring-seo-performance-metrics Synopsis: This article discusses the importance of measuring SEO performance metrics and provides tips on how to effectively track and analyze these metrics. The author emphasizes the need to go beyond just measuring keyword rankings and explores various other metrics … Read more

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Photo of a male hand holding a clear lightbulb in the foreground. The filament of the lightbulb is intricately shaped like a graduation mortarboard.

This page gathers the most recent posts from the top Higher Education Marketing Blogs. As the higher education landscape evolves, the need for effective marketing strategies specific to this sector also changes. By curating insights from industry-leading bloggers and thought leaders, we aim to give readers a comprehensive overview of the latest trends, challenges, and … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-01-14

Summary: The articles cover various aspects of digital marketing in the higher education sector for the year 2024. They focus on key trends, strategies, and tactics that higher education institutions should adopt to stay competitive and effectively engage students. The main themes include the importance of digital marketing conferences, personalized marketing strategies, leveraging technology and … Read more