Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup  2024-01-14

Summary: The articles cover various aspects of digital marketing in the higher education sector for the year 2024. They focus on key trends, strategies, and tactics that higher education institutions should adopt to stay competitive and effectively engage students. The main themes include the importance of digital marketing conferences, personalized marketing strategies, leveraging technology and … Read more

Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup November 16, 2023

A modern university environment with a diverse group of college-age and adult students actively engaged with advanced technology. They are situated in a spacious, well-lit room that exudes a sense of innovation and collaboration. The students are utilizing laptops, tablets, and interactive screens, indicating a high-tech approach to learning and education. There's also an AI assistant in the form of a friendly robot, aiding a professor with organizational tasks on a large digital display. This setting encapsulates a futuristic and inclusive academic atmosphere, with elements that suggest a seamless integration of technology into the learning experience.

Common Themes in This Week’s Blog Posts Surprising Perspectives 2024 Engage Summit: The Next Generation of Tech-Driven Student Engagement Element451 https://element451.com/blog/2024-engage-summit-registration-is-open 2023-11-16T00:00:00.000Z Synopsis: Noteworthy positions taken by the author: Takeaways: Tweet: Continuing Education Registration: 4 Strategies to Optimize the Process moderncampus.com https://moderncampus.com/blog/continuing-education-registration.html 2023-11-15T13:47:54.000Z Synopsis: Unique or Noteworthy Positions: Summary and Takeaways: Demand Generation Campaigns: A … Read more