Higher Education Marketing Blogs Roundup Nov 9, 2023

A modern university environment with a diverse group of college-age and adult students actively engaged with advanced technology. They are situated in a spacious, well-lit room that exudes a sense of innovation and collaboration. The students are utilizing laptops, tablets, and interactive screens, indicating a high-tech approach to learning and education. There's also an AI assistant in the form of a friendly robot, aiding a professor with organizational tasks on a large digital display. This setting encapsulates a futuristic and inclusive academic atmosphere, with elements that suggest a seamless integration of technology into the learning experience.

Tales of The New Higher Ed Marketing Frontier with AI, Strategic Innovation, and Generation Z Let’s look at what’s new in college and university marketing blogs. We’ve got a bunch of articles that share some cool ideas on how schools can get better at what they do. First off, there’s a piece from UPCEA talking … Read more